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I’m passionate about a lot of things, but photography is one thing where my heart truly feels at home.  I currently specialize in photographing little ones and families but I also love and have experience shooting weddings, pets and other special events.

I prefer a blended approach that incorporates creative journalistic and traditional photographic skills.  Candid images are really important to me, so I work hard to create situations where everyone feels comfortable and at home in their skin.  I use natural light where possible and love being outdoors where my clients can also enjoy the environment they’re in.  The most important thing for me is to have fun and make every session a little adventure and experience to remember.  What then comes naturally are images that capture the true essence of you for a lifetime.

I’ve been taking photos with a DSLR for almost 20 years. My passion for photography started long before that when I got a small compact camera.  I’d save up money just to make sure I had enough to develop the hundreds of photos I would take – long before the digital era!  I started out semi-professionally by taking photos of babies and families when we moved to the UK in 2004.  A friend then asked me to shoot her wedding  in 2006 and one thing led to another and we travelled around the UK, France and the US to capture other glorious weddings and gorgeous families.  I’m self-taught, an avid reader of all things photography.  I’m not afraid to experiment with different approaches and techniques, and I’m always looking for ways to become more qualified in what I do.

I’m currently based in Quito, Ecuador and absolutely love this part of the world.  Outside of the world of photography you’ll find me running after my baby girl, hiking with my dog, exploring new places with my husband, delivering intercultural training, volunteering and being creative.

I offer a variety of packages and options and will work with you to decide what will work best for your situation.  Use the contact form to send me an email or give me a call and we can discuss what you are looking for.

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