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Event :: Tala Beads Photo Shoot

I had so much fun doing a photo shoot for my friend Jura who runs a business making gorgeous handmade jewellery out of sustainable palm seed beads from Ecuador.  Working with the locally sourced palm seeds, she integrates silver beads from Sudan and recycled aluminium beads from Ecuador and makes the most stunning necklaces.

Tala, which means ‘palm tree’ in Arabic, is fitting as all of the seeds Jura sources come from different types of palm trees.  It just so happens that she also has a gorgeous dog named Tala, who she adopted when they lived in Sudan before this business came to be.  Tala came to assist us at the photo shoot and was the perfect model.

Jura’s stunning friend, Sara Granjam, really made the shoot as she was the perfect person to model these amazing necklaces.  She was a complete natural and made the whole photo shoot super fun and easy.  Thanks Jura and Sara for a great morning out together!

Check out Tala Beads at, or follow Tala Beads Facebook Page for regular updates and new necklaces.

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Event :: PuraVida Health Training Photo Shoot

Spent a really fun few hours recently doing a photo shoot for a good friend who runs her own fitness, health and lifestyle company called PuraVida. Based on a unique philosophy founded on evolutionary principles, PuraVida specialises in fitness, nutrition, massage and luxury fitness holidays.

PuraVida is really keen to document more of what they do in an effort to get the word around so we spent a couple of hours taking some photos of a few core personal training exercises. CW put his photography skills aside and turned to his more active side to receive some personal coaching that endeavours to “blast the blues away, move your way to an energised, leaner, stronger, fitter, kick ass body”.

Here are just a few shots of his personal training session which involved all sorts of different mobility, kettlebell and MovNat inspired training exercises.

Event : Book Launch – Words from a Glass Bubble

Congratulations to Vanessa Gebbie for the publication of her book Words from a Glass Bubble!

We thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to be able to photograph the event and listen to Vanessa reading some excerpts.

Check out this video of photos from the event on youtube: