kind words

:: We love it! Thank you for doing such a fabulous job with this wedding book.  You’ve captured the day perfectly! ::

:: WOW! These photos are truly stunning. We have just spent some time oohing and ahing and gasping at the sheer brilliance of the photographer. Some of the pictures are like paintings, truly inspired. These are keepers and will give you, and us, joy for ever. ::

:: The photos are AWESOME!!!! Thank you so very much! ::

:: Hello clever lady Cora!!! The book is lovely and the photos are gorgeous. We love it, and it brought us both to tears looking back and having all the emotions come back. ::

:: Thank you so much for the sneak peak which is wonderful!!! I showed it to my colleagues who said that we could see the difference between the photos people take and the photos you take. ::

:: You can’t imagine how much we like the pictures ! Everyone is just amazed by them!! Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you! ::

:: We received the two books today and are absolutely overjoyed with how they came out. Really happy memories as we looked through the book!:-) Trying to not turn into the crazy person who has a house full of wedding photos, but soooooo tempted. There are so many gorgeous ones. ::

:: Wow, great pictures!! So many of them are really great, we’re going to have a wonderful time making the album! We are SOOOOOOO happy to have done it with you, and not some photographer we didn’t feel comfortable with! ::

:: Wow! Our photos are so so nice, beautiful work! It was such a pleasure having you at our wedding too. ::

:: So lovely! Thank you so much!!!! We couldn’t be more thrilled!!! ::

:: Your work is amazing.  You captured the light perfectly.  I love the compositions that you put together, I am looking at this at work and starting to get all choked up. I’m so glad to have had you there. ::

:: The pictures are so LOVELY!!! We really love them. ::

:: Ohhhhh WOW – Gorgeous! I love them all… especially the ones of my daughter on her own and the ones of them together! I haven’t stopped looking at them since I got in this morning! They are on a constant slideshow and I am boring everyone at work with them! ::