Little Ones :: Piper

I try to get out to our local park as much as possible with our black lab Mosa and 18 month old daughter Piper.  We spend mornings traipsing through the myriad of fields and eucalyptus woods, listening to the birds and the whoosh of the trees in the wind. It’s always beautiful, even in the rain, but recently we discovered a spectacular little corner of thriving beautiful flowers.  The sun came out for just a few minutes, allowing me to capture some lovely backlit shots of our little Piper, despite her not being in the best of moods.  I would love to get back there before the flowers disappear to get a few more shots, both of Piper and anyone else who can muster the 7am walk up the hill to the field!  For now, the images are sweet in my memory so I just had to share.

PIPER_17M_March 2017_0100001


PIPER_17M_March 2017_0129001


PIPER_17M_March 2017_0119001


PIPER_17M_March 2017_0090001


PIPER_17M_March 2017_0088001


PIPER_17M_March 2017_0080001


PIPER_17M_March 2017_0068001


PIPER_17M_March 2017_0058001


PIPER_17M_March 2017_0066001


Felicia - April 5, 2017 - 11:31 pm

She’s absolutely precious, and your shots are beautiful. Hugs!

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